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Thanks for your interest in the upcoming ShopVeganCLE events! Any applicants/applications received after 9/1/22 will be put on our wait list. 


  • Please fill out an application for EACH EVENT you are interested in. 

  • Deadline to apply is 9/1/22 for both events. 

  • Space is limited and in order to provide the best experience possible, we will try to include as many different vendors at each event as possible.

  • Filling out an application does not guarantee a space at the event.

  • The space fee of $40 (per event) is non-refundable. 

  • If you are accepted to participate in the event, you will receive a contract to sign and an invoice to pay.

  • Please note that due to increased vendor demand, if you are selected to participate but do not pay your invoice by the due date, your space will be reassigned. 

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Shop Vegan CLE Vendor List FINAL (5).png
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